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SRD-SERIES Refrigerated Air Dryers (10-35 CFM)

SRD-SERIES Refrigerated Air Dryers (10-35 CFM)


Air/Tak SRD-SERIES Refrigerated Air Dryers Range from (10-35 CFM)


Buckeye air Compressor can size the dryer to match the needs to the Horsepower of your Compressor.

Air/Tak SRD Series Refrigerated Air Dryers combine environmentally friendly refrigeration systems with compact air/air (pre-cool/reheat) and air/refrigerant heat exchangers. These dryers housed in compact metal cabinets are suitable for small flow OEM applications as well as point-of-use installations.  These SRD Series Refrigeration Air Dryers are equipped with refrigeration controls that include a cap tube expansion device, hot gas bypass valve and low ambient fan control. They are supplied with a power on light, on/off switch, compressor failure alarm light, refrigerant suction pressure gauge, and a moisture separator with an automatic drain valve.


  • Ambient Air Filter
  • Solenoid Drain Valve
  • Inlet Air Temperature Gauge
  • Outlet Air Pressure Gauge
  • Six-foot Power Cord
  • Power On Light
  • On/Off Switch
  • Refrigerant Compressor Failure Alarm Light
  • Refrigerant Suction Pressure Gauge
  • Low Ambient Fan Control
  • Hot Gas Bypass Value
  • R-134a Refrigerant
  • Air/Air and Air/Refrigerant Heat Exchangers
  • Moisture Separator with Automatic Drain Valve


  • Solenoid Drain Valve
  • Air Temperature Gauge
  • Air Pressure Gauge

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